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Specialist Care and Long Term Conditions

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HealthGuidance is an online portal that can be used by specialist healthcare teams to deliver prescribed health information. Ideal for supporting service users that are receiving specialist treatment or with long term conditions.

Since launching HealthGuidance in January 2021, we have enabled 12 online content libraries to go live.

High-quality video content has been produced and curated by a number of innovative CAMHS and specialist Paediatric teams to support children and young people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland with specialist health needs such as:

  • sensory difficulties
  • co-ordination difficulties
  • continence issues
  • neurological conditions, such as autism or ADHD
  • and various other health needs

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HealthGuidance is helping community and specialist health teams to:

  • Enable patients to access clinically assured content specific to their health needs
  • Significantly reduce waiting list times
  • Empower patients (and parents/carers) to consume information at a suitable time and pace

Number of contacts


users have registered accounts to access specialist content

Number of sessions


online sessions took place in 2021-2022

Case study

Download this case study on how HealthGuidance is being used to support children newly diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What staff users say

“HealthGuidance has done wonders for our service! It has given us extra staff capacity, deliver targeted interventions, reduced waiting times and families are now receiving information faster for their children diagnosed with ASD.”