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As the Digital Health Transformation Service, an NHS-based project team based at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, we have been helping health teams to make transformative changes to their service delivery since 2012.

We are proudly working with an ever-growing and inspiring community of over 2,000 health professionals, from 70 NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations, to adopt and use high-quality innovations, such as ChatHealth, HealthWebsites, HealthForms and HealthGuidance to benefit their service users. During the last year, they have been committed to reaching out and engaging with some of the most vulnerable service users to deliver care, whilst overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This website provides an overview of the impacts of our digital products and services as they have been implemented and used in a variety of healthcare services between April 2021 and March 2022.


  • Accelerated uptake by 15% compared to previous year, creating greater impact across a wide geography (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and across different health services.
  • Further development of digital innovations to respond to challenges and needs of NHS health care teams and service users.
  • Continuing to work remotely to best support adopting user organisations across the UK.

Key achievements

Nursing Times Awards 2020

ChatHealth won Nursing Times Awards in the Nursing in Mental Health category

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The AHSN Network

ChatHealth supported as a high-impact innovation by the AHSN Network and the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

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Innovate Awards Winner Innovation Champion of the Year 2022

ChatHealth won Innovation Spread award and Innovation Champion of the Year at the Innovate Awards 2022

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Impact in Numbers


Adopted by


NHS partners across England, Wales & Northern Ireland


(as of March 2022)

Available for

2.8 million

young people

& parents/carers of

3.9 million

0-19 year olds

(as of March 2022)


messaging conversations took place in 2021-2022



messages sent to health professionals from service users in 2021-2022



age-appropriate public health information websites


annual visitors to in 2021-2022


(up by 87%)


annual visitors to in 2021-2022


(up by 8%)


annual visitors to in 2021-2022


(up by 37.5%)


Launched in

September 2018

Adopted by


NHS Trusts and healthcare partners


(as of March 2022)

More than


form responses received in 2021-2022


forms created for use in schools in 2021-2022


Launched in

January 2021


health content libraries are live


(as of March 2022)


video views in 2021-2022


One service is saving


per annum by switching from in-person to digital workshops


This section shines a spotlight on the different types of NHS services we are supporting, comprising of school nursing, health visiting, sexual health, young people’s mental health services and services for specialist care and long-term conditions.

Take a look at the key impacts being made by our healthcare partners, who are adopting new ways of working and sharing best practice by utilising ChatHealth, local areas on HealthWebsites, HealthForms and HealthGuidance to connect and engage with service users in their localities.

Improved Outcomes

We work with over 2,000 healthcare professionals to share technology and best practice in order to improve outcomes for service users by improving access to healthcare services.

In our annual survey, 279 staff from NHS organisations that use ChatHealth told us about their perspectives and experiences.

  • 90% say they often or always promote ChatHealth. The most popular way is promoting to every one-to-one contact eligible for the service.
  • More than half (63%) feel that their ChatHealth service has increased the reach of their service locally.
  • 87% said they would recommend ChatHealth to other healthcare professionals.


We asked 12 service leads who have implemented ChatHealth in the last year about the impacts on their service.

  • Three-quarters (75%) said the driver for implementing this change was to improve accessibility for service users.
  • All (100%) felt they had met their objectives.
  • All (100%) said they are satisfied or very satisfied with the level of project support received during and beyond their implementation.


In addition, we asked 36 service leads who have ran ChatHealth for a longer period of time about their challenges and learnings.

  • More than three-quarters (78%) said they support staff users with regular check-ins and team meetings.
  • They said the most challenging aspects are handling staff capacity, ongoing promotional activity and managing workloads.
  • They told us that ongoing quality is ensured with clinical supervision, regular team meetings and training reviews.
  • You made the transition work smoothly, working side by side with us to a tried and tested ChatHealth implementation plan. This resulted in a really successful roll out, great ownership within the Health Visiting teams and plenty of enthusiasm to make it work well to support our Hertfordshire babies, children and families.

    Kay Gilmour, Assistant Director of Children’s Universal Services, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
  • We felt greatly supported all the way through the implementation process. The different types of meetings were focused on one aspect of the implementation which was clear and concise. We were also involved with the process to adapt it to the way we would use it which is fantastic.

  • We once had a deaf young person reach out to us - it was the only way for them and subsequently was able to access treatment and support.

Quality Assured Care

Robust processes are behind all our products to ensure that high levels of clinical safety and technical security is central to our work. We are continually assessed and evaluated to meet NHS clinical safety standards and technical quality and security standards.

Risk management

Each year we review our compliance with the information standard ‘Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Deployment and Use of Health IT Systems’. This assures how we identify and mitigate clinical risks, document processes for clinical safety and test for issues that could affect clinical safety.

Clinical Quality

We continually define best practice with user organisations to ensure that clinical safety is always upheld. Clinical resources are available to help staff user teams deliver the highest quality of care using our digital tools. Our user community benefit from regular networking events to share learnings with their peers.

Technical security

All our digital tools are supported by an excellent-rated technical support team. Information governance standards are assured by our Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) processes, and we adhere to all NHS related compliance frameworks. Our service is part of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust which has met the standards of NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT). We also have evidence ready to share with prospective organisations assessing our products against NHSX Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC).

Strong Partnerships

Our partnerships with user organisations are formed at the start of their implementation. Lifelong support is offered to help services deliver a successful digital offer. This includes help desk support, annual contract reviews and ongoing guidance on technical, marketing, or clinical aspects as required.

Supported Implementations

Highly structured and well-refined implementation processes have been developed by our PRINCE2 certified project manager. Our effective training programmes have been created by our TAP Learning qualified trainer. This ensures our implementation processes are as straightforward and efficient as possible for user organisations. The key workstreams of each implementation project include:

  • Regular catch-up calls with project leads
  • Key workstreams for clinical, marketing and technical aspects
  • Stakeholder engagement session
  • E-learning training programme for staff users
  • Project closure report
  • The team are very approachable and nothing was too much trouble.

  • I would like to say a big thank you for making the whole process as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

  • I think the ChatHealth service and support we receive is really helpful. It’s great having the conference call to listen and learn from other service providers.


ChatHealth messaging services set up in 2021/2022


online content libraries launched on HealthGuidance in 2021-2022


Local Areas supported to go live on HealthWebsites in 2021/2022


technical help calls resolved in 2021-2022

Innovation Spread

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